Help with administrative tasks

Help with administrative tasks

We can help you in a busy workday by taking over your administrative tasks. With fewer administrative tasks, you can focus on the core competencies that create value for your business, such as sales, finance, HR, recruiting, production, delivery and many others. All of this must be taken care of if your company is to operate in the black.

While you and your company concentrate on developing the business and looking after customers, we can solve the administrative tasks, such as bookkeeping, payroll, payables management, receivables management and VAT administration.

Perhaps you would like to hand over a few administrative tasks to us, or maybe you would like us to take care of all of them. We offer solutions within all administrative finance tasks, regardless of the scope or size.

There are many advantages to your company outsourcing administrative tasks. These may include:

  • Time for you and your company's core business
  • Assurance that applicable rules and provisions are adhered to
  • Access to competences, up-to-date knowledge and professional sparring
  • Not being vulnerable in the event of sickness, holiday, resignations, etc.

How do we help and what do we help with?

To safeguard your business as best as possible, we place a professional team at your disposal. The team undergoes continuing education in new smart workflows and is updated on a daily basis with a broad spectrum of many different types of customers. This means that you always have a professional business coach on hand to help you and your company.

With us as a business coach, your company has credibility and a true picture of the ongoing financial development of the company: and thus a solid foundation for your company to make the right decisions.

One additional benefit of allowing our Business Services & Outsourcing experts to take care of ongoing bookkeeping tasks and reporting is that the annual accounts can be produced on a highly qualified basis. This will mean that the profit or loss for the year doesn't come as a surprise to you, because the monthly and quarterly bookkeeping will always be up to date and provide a true and fair view.

By allowing us to help you with your company's administrative back office tasks, you and your company will also receive access to a number of different digital aids and tools. Our digital solutions My BDO, BDO Online Payroll and BDO Online Bookkeeping help you to create an overview of your company's bookkeeping, accounting services and payroll.

If you want to find out more about the many advantages of working together with us, then we would be happy to arrange a meeting at your place of business for a non-binding chat.