You carry out bookkeeping to gain insight into your financial situation and act based on regular and up-to-date accounts. It is a requirement that all commercial enterprises must keep a set of books and adhere to the Danish Bookkeeping Act.

Bookkeeping allows you to keep track of:

  • Your income and expenditure figures
  • Your vouchers
  • Your enterprise value (your assets, such as stocks, accounts receivable)
  • How much you owe (your liabilities, suppliers, holiday pay).

Bookkeeping also forms the basis for reporting VAT and in preparing the annual accounts.

Bookkeeping is currently done in a program which, appropriately enough, is called a bookkeeping program. We have developed our own program that we call BDO Online. This is an innovative online service, which makes it easier to take care of administrative tasks.  Read more about our services within online digital bookkeeping.

Why keep accounts?

Bookkeeping is mandatory. In addition to this, bookkeeping also helps you ensure that you take the right measures and decisions for your business. A good basis for decision-making is an up-to-date set of accounts that ensures you don't make decisions on a wrong basis.

Help with bookkeeping

Do you need help with bookkeeping? In that case, let us be your bookkeeper. We can help you keep track of your bookkeeping and your accounts, both from our office and at your place of business. Listed below you can see some of the concepts from bookkeeping and accounting that we can help you with.

  • Equity is a part of the company's liabilities and comprises that part of the company's financing that is not debt, but is capital paid-up by the owner and from the results of previous years.
  • Profit and loss account and balance sheet. A profit and loss account is a company's income and expense statement, that is to say, a breakdown of the company's income and expenses. A balance contains the company's assets and liabilities.
  • Assets and liabilities. Assets applies to a financial resource, such as property, machinery, accounts receivable, shares and available assets. Liabilities contains equity capital and debt commitments and tells how assets are financed.

We are experts in bookkeeping and can tailor your bookkeeping to suit your needs.

Save time on bookkeeping

If you get us to help with your bookkeeping, then we will ensure you are never behind on your bookkeeping and that you comply with all applicable bookkeeping legislation. We take over your bookkeeping. We tailor the package to you and find out who does your customer invoicing, who takes care of paying your suppliers, etc.

This gives you more time to focus on value-creating activities for your company and customers while we take care of your bookkeeping.

Have a chat with us about how we can help you.