VAT Administration

VAT administration can be complex, as there are many special rules. Companies often make mistakes when processing their VAT.

For example, are you and your business up to date on international rules for buying and selling abroad? And is your company on top of the different VAT rules when it comes to lettings, VAT on cars, VAT on entertainment, partial VAT deductions on operating expenses, etc.?

There are a wealth of rules associated with VAT administration and even for the most skilled bookkeeper it can be bewildering to stay updated on the latest rules. Unfortunately, not having control over this has its consequences, both in terms of results and liquidity.

Help with VAT administration

Our colleagues undergo regular training, are kept up to date with the latest information concerning VAT related issues and have daily contact with many different types of customers, which allows us to stay updated in a broad range of VAT-related situations. This allows us to ensure that your company's VAT administration will always be done correctly and remains fully up to date.

If we already take care of your company's bookkeeping, then outsourcing your VAT administration to us will be a matter of course.

You can also find out how we can help you and your business with a VAT and tax check, which ensures that the information you report to the Danish Tax Authority (SKAT) is correct.


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