Payables management

What is a creditor? A creditor is a business entity or person that your company owes money to for a purchased product or service. For the company's suppliers, effective payables management is synonymous with high credibility and shows that you have control over the bills from your suppliers (creditors).

The consequences of you and your company failing to manage its trade credit purchases can result in an unpleasant tightening of payment terms and trading conditions with suppliers.

Help with payables management

We offer assistance with managing your creditors. We ensure that your payables management is timely and professional, and that there is control over your payments. By outsourcing your payables management to us you make your company less vulnerable and ensure that there is always backup in the event of illness, holiday, resignations, etc.

When we manage your creditors, we actively locate your invoices and submit them for payment. All you need to do is simply approve your payments via online banking.

We also offer help with receivables management.

Save time and trouble using payables management

Our well-trained colleagues can help ensure you have effective payables management with maximum flexibility. We save you time, trouble and worries.

With payables management from us, we maintain an overview. We ensure that your bills are paid and that you don't pay them twice.

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