Receivables Management

What is a debtor? A debtor is a person or business entity that owes money to your company for the goods or services your company has sold. Lack of attention to receivables management, even for short periods, can risk costing your company a lot of money and adversely affect your company's immediate financial resources and cash flow.

It is vital to your company that your debtors pay, so that you can use your cash flow to invest and pay your creditors and employees on time, for example.

Help with receivables management

Get help from us to manage your debtors. Our qualified staff can take care of all or part of your company's ongoing receivables management.

We take care of managing your receivables so you can avoid unpleasant surprises while minimising the risk of loss and improving your cash resources. We ensure you receive good and effective management of the collection of receivables from your debtors and send out reminders in both digital and paper format.

We also offer help with payables management.

Receivables management saves you time, trouble and confrontations with customers.

Stay on good terms with your debtors who, in many cases, are also your customers. Allow us to help you with your invoicing and by managing your accounts receivable, so you and your company can focus on more value-creating tasks.

Receivables management with us saves you time and money while also minimising the number of unnecessary phone calls from customers. We send your debtors collection letters and ensure that you maintain the good personal relationship you have with your customers, while reducing your accounts receivable at the same time.

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