Interim Management

Interim Management is a form of assistance and a service that we offer you when your business needs to fill a short-term or long-term management position.

Interim Management helps ensure against a temporary loss of valuable knowledge should a sudden unforeseen situation arise on the personnel front, by making a competent and experienced replacement available to you. Perhaps your financial controller falls ill or resigns. Interim Management also ensures you receive help during off-peak periods and assistance during a project cycle.

Interim Management ensures that your business is flexible and in a position to make a rapid transition.

Interim Management - BDO offers this

With Interim Management and help from our competent colleagues, you and your company can quickly and easily supplement and fill the empty positions on your current staff. We offer help with tasks such as:

  • Interim reporting
  • Ongoing examination services of accounting records
  • Reconciliation in accordance with year-end closure for e.g. the auditor
  • Management reports
  • Cash management
  • Process and procedure descriptions
  • Budget and forecast process.

There is no commitment period, and you only pay for the time and the services you use.

Interim Management ensures you have the correct skills for the correct task. We can also help with a fixed outsourcing agreement should you and your company need a finance director for two particular months of the year, for example.

Fast and flexible help that saves you time and trouble

Interim Management gives you and your company fast and flexible help from Business Services & Outsourcing colleagues with experience in many lines of business and sectors.

We ensure you against the loss of valuable knowledge in the event of long-term illness, maternity leave, annual leave, dismissals or resignations and help to optimise your projects.

Your company saves both time and trouble using Interim Management.


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