Are you certain your SAP system can handle the VAT rules?

Many businesses use the ERP system SAP and believe that the system can handle VAT on sales and purchases correctly and in accordance with the Danish VAT rules. However, we often see that the VAT tables – which manage the VAT handling of sales and purchases – are set up by IT people who are not sufficiently familiar with the - at times - complex Danish VAT rules.

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Unfortunately, we also often see that it is not until the tax authorities knock on the door that people realize that the system does not comply with the VAT rules. In many cases this means a charge by the tax authorities that could have been avoided.

How do you ensure that the VAT table defines the correct tax code? And how can you be certain that the VAT amount reported to the tax authorities is correct?

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We have considerable experience in setting up VAT in SAP, including updating of VAT tables to ensure that transactions are recorded correctly in SAP and reported correctly to the tax authorities. We tailor a solution to you according to your needs.

Our VAT advisory in SAP could include:

  • Advisory on VAT handling of supplier invoices
  • Advisory on VAT handling of sales orders
  • Process optimization (no manual processes)
  • Definition of necessary VAT checks
  • Review of processes “from cradle to grave” to ensure that VAT is reported correctly to the tax authorities
  • Review of recording of supplier invoices to identify over- or understated VAT deductions
  • Test of VAT related processes in the test system by implementation of SAP
  • Implementation of processes relating to master data handling
  • VAT/SAP training

We have a very close cooperation with our Nordic VAT colleagues – and we can offer a review of accounting records based on the Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish VAT rules.

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We will be pleased to meet with you and discuss your business and your VAT setup in SAP.

Qua our long experience in VAT setup in SAP, we are familiar with the “gaps” in the SAP system and we know where typical errors occur. Our theoretical VAT background in combination with great understanding of IT technology and internal processes makes us among the best in relation to the VAT setup in SAP.

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