Doing business in Denmark

Doing business in Denmark

How to set up a business in Denmark. A simple question, and getting the answer right leads to many new opportunities for your company.

Doing business in Denmark gives you access to a strong market, new customer segments and a creative, diligent workforce. However, there can be practical headaches and pitfalls associated with getting things wrong. International taxation laws, accounting requirements and payroll are just a few of the areas that can cause issues and put you at risk.

Ensuring compliance and realising the potential business value of registering and running a business in Denmark requires insight and experience – which is one of the many reasons you should consider partnering with BDO Denmark.





From the first strategic consideration to your first Danish tax return – and beyond. We provide a one-stop-shop for every step of setting up your company in Denmark.

We offer a full package of services that covers every need you may have. Get the best possible partner who has keen insights and experience with handling tax issues, accounting requirements, bookkeeping, payroll, Danish business laws and much more.Doing Business in Denmark - 3 steps

Whether your company is launching a sales office, a construction project, or something else entirely, BDO can guide you through the entire process.

Our assistance is always tailored to meet your exact situation and needs. We can handle every part of the process, but also assist you with specific steps.

For example, you can get BDO Tax Legal to assist you with all aspects of employment regulations in Denmark. Ensuring your company local compliance with Danish legislation.

Thanks to our international profile and offices in more than 160 countries across the world, we can assist you with any kind of services you would need. Not just for Denmark. For example, we can assist you with opening an office in Denmark to oversee operations in the Scandinavian or Nordic region.


Industry insight

We have helped companies from industries including construction, technology, healthcare, manufacturing, media and many more establish in Denmark.

Our experience from working with companies in your industry is often transferrable. It helps streamline registration processes and minimise the time it takes for your company to be up and running.

Get the quickest, easiest launch in Denmark – a country ranked by the World bank as one of the best countries in the world for setting up business. The Danish economy is growing rapidly and having a presence in the country equals easier access to a new, attractive market.


Guarantee compliance and efficiency

Entering a new market means adhering to different accounting requirements, laws and regulations, covering all areas of your business.

Doing business in Denmark is no different.

Our dedicated team of experts can assist help you ensure that you are in compliance with all applicable rules and regulations, thereby eliminating the risk of future fines or extra tax bills. Furthermore, we can assist you in setting up your presence in Denmark in the most efficient way possible.


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