Expatriate services

Expatriate services

Danish as well as foreign companies are increasingly choosing to use international recruitment and posting of employees across national borders. Working across national borders can mean tax challenges for both employers and employees.

Managing tax matters and questions relating to social security of expatriates, can be a complex and time-consuming affair. We can help you and your business with issues regarding tax and social security issues before, during and after the posting.

There are numerous of potential issues that need to be considered before a posting can begin, including:


  • Organization of the recruitment or posting
  • Work- and residence permit
  • Understanding and consequences of double taxation agreements
  • Social security issues
  • Special tax schemes, e.g. tax scheme for Researchers in DK of 8% + 27%
  • Tax calculations in home country and work country
  • Limited or full tax liability to Denmark
  • Double Domicile
  • Various matters regarding the EU and non-EU countries
  • Preparation of tax returns in home country and work country


It is important that both you and your employees have peace of mind, knowing that your tax issues are being treated properly. We can help with advice and analysis of Danish and foreign tax and social security issues, and in this way find the most optimal solution for all parties.


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