Is your company compliant in customs practices? In addition to knowledge of the underlying customs regulations, customs authorisations, customs procedures, anti-dumping duties, etc., the practical handling of customs issues poses the greatest challenges.

Although there are only a few cases where things go wrong, there is no guarantee that things will run smoothly in the case of a customs check. If you want to be sure that you are compliant with all customs conditions, we are ready to help.

In short, we can offer to take care of all your customs procedures to suit your needs.

Temporary import or export procedures

Temporary procedures are used when you temporarily import or export goods to importing or exporting the same goods in an unchanged condition later. 

The procedure is used, for example, at trade fairs and exhibitions, borrowed machines and suchlike. With the right procedure, you can be almost duty-free and in some cases completely exempt from VAT on the goods. We help you with everything from requirements, permits, applications and customs declarations to a correct return procedure. 

We make sure everything is correct all the way through.

Inward processing operations on importation of goods for processing or repair

If your company imports a product or article from a country outside the EU for processing or repairing, you can use the inward processing procedure. 

In this case, the finished product must be re-exported to a country outside the EU. The procedure ensures that no customs duties are paid in the EU as the goods are not in free circulation in the customs territory.

In the case of inward processing, you do not have to pay customs and VAT for the included goods in your production or for the goods collected for repair. The requirement is that the finished product must then leave the EU. The procedure places some administrative requirements on the organisation, where it is important to have good procedures and processes in place. 

We assist you with the licence application and review the procedures needed to meet the requirements for cost-effective customs management.

Return procedures for unforeseen returns

Have you exported goods that have been returned for some reason? 

Unforeseen returns may occur, e.g. in the event of a repair warranty or repurchasing. We guide you on what is necessary to be able to demand the return and what steps need to be taken. We identify the options available in your particular case and then help you choose the best solution and implement it. There is money to be saved here.

Handling of tariff classification and customs reporting for companies with sales on the Danish market

We will prepare customs declarations on your behalf. You must have your own licences and authorisations from The Danish Customs Agency. The procedure requires that a written agreement has been made between you and BDO Told.

We are also pleased to prepare and report your import and export declarations. We perform both simple and difficult tasks and have extensive experience in both temporary and other processes that have a financial impact.

The existing laws and regulations impose several requirements, but also allow for cost-effective customs management. By working closely with you, we ensure the correct classification of the goods together with a product expert from your company. This forms the foundation for correct customs procedures. We also monitor options such as preferential treatment, which, if processed correctly, may result in reduced or no customs duties.

We can also help you review your internal procedures and processes to ensure correct customs administration.

Through our digital portal, you can see and manage everything related to your customs procedures. It ensures your customs documents are kept together, along with the relevant annexes. Customs information is processed by us in the same way as other basic data material in your financial statements.

All this can be established based on a framework agreement between you and BDO.

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