Customs advice – what do we offer?

We help you with customs advice and assistance in areas such as tariff classification, authorisations and management of these, internal processes and routines and customs legislation in general. We also offer a customs review of your company to assess your customs management and assist if the AEO authorisation is of interest to you.

Why seek customs advice from BDO

Companies usually have some customs challenges that they need help with. It could be that you:

  • lack knowledge or competences in the area of customs
  • would like help to classify your products
  • need help reviewing the company's current routines and processes for optimal customs management.

There are many reasons for seeking customs advice.

What can you expect from our customs advice?

By working together with us on customs practices, you can expect, among other things, that we ensure you:

  • do not pay for more than you need.
  • gain access to the necessary skills and experience for efficient customs advice through our consultants.
  • have the most optimal authorisations for your company.
  • avoid sanctions and restrictions.
  • comply with the regulations for your authorisations.

We believe that managing customs processes should be included on an equal footing with the company's other decision-making processes. 

Companies are currently obliged to reveal the consequences of ongoing customs procedures in accordance with customs legislation. Changing and improving is a constant process that also applies to customs and international trade. We therefore always recommend ongoing quality reviews and monitoring of customs procedures to demonstrate that the company puts quality and compliance high on its agenda.

Classify your goods correctly and avoid additional costs

If you trade in products that originate from places outside the EU, they must be classified when imported into the EU according to the tariff for correct customs handling. Proper classification of the goods is essential to ensure that applicable laws and regulations are applied and complied with. The product code regulates both opportunities and possible sanctions or limitations for a product. 

An incorrect product code can therefore also mean that you pay a higher tariff than necessary. 

When customs authorities discover errors in tariff classification or non-compliance of regulations, this often results in high and additional costs. It can be a very expensive experience for companies importing large sums or large quantities. 

Companies facing the choice of establishing new markets or importing new product categories often need a partner in this area. 

This is also an area where we can make a difference.

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