BDO is Denmark's fourth largest accounting firm and provides audit services to all types of clients. In addition to limited companies, we audit public authorities and institutions, schools, social housing associations, utility companies and any other entities that are subject to statutory or voluntary audit of financial statements.

Why is audit of accounts required?

The simple answer is that it must because all Danish limited liability companies above a minimum threshold are subject to statutory audit of their financial statements. Furthermore, the audit and the auditor's report add to company credibility.

Value-creating audit

At BDO, we perform a so-called value-based audit. Thus, besides the statutory audit, we focus on ensuring that the audit adds value to the business. Therefore, our auditors will always make sure that any matters that may facilitate the daily operations are discovered in connection with the audit, such as working procedures that may be simplified or direct cost savings.

Whether we carry out a full audit, extended audit or a review, the company can be confident that all laws and regulations are complied with. 

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