Accounting, auditing and consultancy are BDO's core services, and we take pride in constantly creating value for our clients in cooperation with them - whether we complete their accounts, audit the accounts or advise on how to achieve a better bottom line.

Accounting and audit processes

The accounts are many companies’ most important tool to keep track of how things are actually going. The accounts provide numeric-based insight into the daily operations and challenges.

At BDO, we help companies stay focused on growth, and based on the figures, we get a solid knowledge that enables us to advise about far more than just tax and accounting.

Financial reporting and standards

At BDO, we have extensive experience in preparing financial statements, and we are pleased to help you with qualified advice and assistance, whether in reporting according to the Danish Financial Statements Act or in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Our industry sector specialists have deep insight into accounting issues in specific industries and specific types of enterprises.
Furthermore, we assist in digital reporting through XBRL to ensure that the statutory requirements are fulfilled.

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