Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A), generational successions, due diligence, and valuation services are core competencies of BDO Corporate Finance. Our corporate finance department is part of BDO Advisory, a specialised business unit within BDO. We generally work with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), but also assist large corporations, publicly listed companies, and public sector enterprises. Throughout the transaction process, from initial pricing to final contract signing, our team of specialists is ready to provide professional and competent advisory services.


National network of decision-makers

Our corporate finance department works in close cooperation with a network of around 130 state-authorised public accountants and partners in 32 offices throughout Denmark. Our accountants each have their own professional network of external partners, lawyers, bankers, investors, and others. The network extends nationally to more than 4,000 contacts, all of whom are decision-makers with an interest in, or currently working with, buying and selling businesses.


Advisory services with an international perspective

BDO Corporate Finance is part of the international BDO network. Globally, BDO Corporate Finance employs more than 2,500 corporate finance experts from 120 countries. They work together with stakeholders to maximise value through advising on M&A, fund raisings, flotations, and disposals. Our international network enables us to provide professional guidance and advice on cross-border projects. In 2022, BDO Corporate Finance was among the most active advisers globally, with a total of 2,095 completed deals with a combined transaction value of USD 114.6bn.



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