Public Sector

Public Sector

We are one of the leading firms in providing consulting services to the public sector. We work with a significant number of municipalities, regions, educational institutions and the state. Our ambition is to put a strong impression to the development and efficiency of the public sector both as a goal in itself and because a well-functioning public sector is essential for our welfare and wealth.

Our consultancy is based on the latest knowledge and methods from leading educational and research institutions, combined with our many years of work with advising local, regional, state and public companies. We combine insight into special framework conditions, new angles, strong methodological skills and professional insight so that we create maximum value for our customers. 

From analysis to solution design to implementation

In close cooperation with our public clients, we help with the analysis, design of realizable solutions and implementation. Our analysis gives the clients a solid and workable basis for decision and our design solution both innovate and focus on solutions that can work in practice. Further, we assist our clients to reap the benefits of the organizational and technical solutions by also implementing new skills and behavior with our public customers.

Our services include: Economics, management and efficiency improvement, IT consulting and digitalization, strategy and organizational development, skills and learning. In addition, we solve consulting tasks within our special areas: building consultancy, supervision of the elderly, health, the specialized social field and the pedagogical areas such as diet, nutrition and optimization of income. 

Strong methodologies and deep insight into state, regions and municipalities with us

We offer consultants who have:

  • Thorough knowledge of public framework conditions and governance
  • Substantial consulting experience and strong methodology skills within analysis, design of solutions, implementation and benefit realization.
  • Management and operation experience and specialist knowledge of sectors

Our expertise and experience in the public sector covers all major areas of welfare, internal finance, HR and administration functions.