As a customer with us, you will experience that the diversity among our auditors, specialists, and consultants is a significant strength when they use national and international market insights, industry knowledge, and specialized expertise to advise you. We combine expertise with empathy and strong interpersonal skills. 

BDOS dna

BDO's DNA - and why it makes a difference

We create development through insight and empathy. Result-oriented closeness to our customers, in combination with professionalism and quality, forms the foundation for everything we do.

This means you get the best of both worlds: the expertise, depth, and international relationships typically associated with the major auditing firms, as well as the empathy and closeness found in smaller firms. With us, it's not either-or but both.

Partner proximity and the right team

Because we combine professional and personal competencies, we are attentive from the very beginning of a collaboration to assemble the right team.

Our partners are closely involved in your daily cooperation and responsible for ongoing dialogue and professional interaction. Behind the partner, there is always a well-functioning team that also has deep insight into your company or organization.

When tasks require it, specialists are brought in, ensuring an optimal value-creating solution every time.

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