Tax services for high-level executives

We offer international tax advice for high-level executives. Thanks to our international network in BDO, we have access to tax specialists all around the world advising high-level executives, who periodically relocate between countries and own assets in several countries.

Denmark generally taxes individuals at high rates compared to many other countries.

However, high-level executives relocating to Denmark and working for Danish businesses can often – subject to certain conditions - benefit from a favorable flat rate tax scheme (32.84 pct. total flat rate tax on salary and certain benefits in kind for up to 7 years).

In relation to assets held in other countries, a well-prepared fiscal strategy can often provide significant financial benefits.

The rules concerning international taxation are comprehensive and governed by different states and organizations. In some cases, this can result in a very high tax expense or even double taxation.

BDO provides tax advice on long-term planning so you can be assured of paying the correct taxes and complying with Danish tax law without inadvertently paying more taxes than required.

We typically provide advice and assistance to clients concerning:

  • Tax residence when relocating to Denmark
  • Application of the Danish flat rate tax scheme
  • Applicable law regarding social security when relocating to Denmark
  • Tax implications of earning foreign-source income and owning foreign assets
  • Tax implications of transactions involving foreign assets
  • Tax returns and preliminary tax assessments
  • Tax residence when relocating from Denmark
  • Taxation of pensions when relocating from Denmark
  • Exit tax on foreign assets when relocating from Denmark.


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