From first step to first tax return

We offer a full package of services covering every need you may have when setting up and running business in Denmark. Whether it is opening a sales office, setting up production, opening a Danish sister company or daughter company - or something else entirely - BDO can guide you through the entire process.

Dot every ‘i’ and cross every ‘t’ needed to ensure compliance with laws and regulations, run your operations as efficiently as possible – and remove worries and concerns – by collaborating one of the world’s premier accountancy, audit and consultancy companies that knows both the Danish market and your home market.


Taking it step by step

The process of setting up a presence in Denmark can be a both time-consuming and complicated. Let us help streamline the process and ease the workload by helping with the steps that you need could benefit you.

We offer a full service one-stop-shop to foreign companies doing business in Denmark and can handle every aspect of setting up your company in Denmark.

The areas we assist companies with include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • International taxation
  • Transfer pricing
  • VAT
  • Legal services
  • Formation of limited liability companies
  • Opening branches
  • Business support
  • Registrations with the Danish authorities
  • Outsourcing of on-going compliance
  • Monthly, quarterly and yearly reporting, accounting, payroll, VAT, etc.

Each part of our service portfolio can be purchased as part of pre-defined packages, individually or as part of a tailormade solution to fit your company’s exact needs and situation.


Attention to every detail

We look at every step of establishing a business in Denmark based on your specific situation and needs. Whatever the need, you can take care of it with BDO as your partner company. An example of how we can assist a specific company could be handling the tasks associated with three areas as presented below:

  • Tax / VAT: BDO can handle tasks such as assessment of permanent establishment in Denmark, advise on corporate forms and legal documents, prepare transfer pricing documentation, advise on VAT obligations.
  • Business support: Registering you as a legal entity, as an employer and for VAT. Activating your online credentials, such as NemID, NemKonto, digital mailbox, access to online e-filing systems.
  • Ongoing compliance: BDO can handle tasks such as bookkeeping, VAT-filing, payroll and reporting social security, preparation of financial statements, audits, tax returns, etc.


The BDO approach

We take pride in tailoring our offerings and solutions to the actual needs and situation of our clients.

While each process varies, we cover the following steps to ensure that you get the best possible result and optimal foundation for making the best of your move into Denmark:

  • Initial conversation and agreement on parameters for the task
  • Analysis of your company’s situation and needs.
  • Presentation of recommended procedure and timeline for the project
  • Offer tender and negotiation
  • Contract signing and roadmap agreement
  • Full information requests and processing
  • Notes and details finalised
  • Project operationalization, registration of your company in Denmark, business support
  • Final reporting and agreement on successful completion
  • Assistance with ongoing compliance

Each phase is made up of several sub-steps. For example, when submitting a tender. To ensure the most efficient implementation and speeding up the project process, we often use a waterfall project model where steps can overlap and/or be carried out simultaneously.


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