• Supply Chain

Supply Chain

We help optimise your supply chain, allowing you to deliver the desired customer service at the best possible price.

We specialise in ensuring a swift and secure implementation of new solutions in the supply chain, where the supply chain approach is coupled with the collaboration with selected key suppliers as a cornerstone of the supply chain optimisation.

Within supply chain management, we assist with:

  • Supply chain analysis, through a structured, fact-based mapping of either the entire supply chain or selected areas
  • Formulation of supply chain strategy, where based on external conditions, alternative solution scenarios are described from which the optimum future supply chain strategy can be chosen
  • Optimisation of the planning and management of the supply chain, including ensuring a balance between demand (sales) and supply ("Sales & Operations Planning").
  • Cost optimisation of the supply chain. The cost optimisation is based on facts such as time consumption, cost analyses and measurements
  • Service optimisation of the supply chain, that is to ensure that the supply chain is optimised in regards to customer expectations and needs
  • Minimising tied-up capital in the supply chain by optimising inventory levels of raw materials, intermediate products and finished products.
  • Optimisation of parts of the supply chain, i.e. forecasting, purchasing, inventory, production or transport.