Large and swift changes – also for public organisations – places even greater demands on a clear strategy as well as an effective strategy implementation which ensures both direction, responsiveness and empowerment of managers and employees. 

Successful public organisations maintain an updated and solid understanding of their strategic situation and possibilities. Clarity in the strategic framework and effective implementation of strategies provide common direction, responsiveness to changes and empowerment of managers and employees.

Our basic concept and methods for strategy development and implementation is based on our understanding of the specific political, legal and regulatory framework which public organisations operate under. We assist and advise our clients in relation to:

  • Strategic analysis, which identifies the strategic landscape and possibilities
  • Development of the organisation's strategic foundation – vision, mission and values ​​- as well as strategies
  • ​Implementation of the strategic foundation and strategies

Core principles

Our advisory on strategy development and implementation is based on the following principles: 

The analysis framework and development process is designed in close dialogue with the client

  • A hypothesis- and potential-driven analysis design. The analysis focuses on the areas where it is believed that the yield of the analysis is the greatest – so that we avoid turning every stone and spending excessive resources on analyses.
  • The organisation's management and key employees are continuously involved in the ongoing strategic work.
  • We challenge the organisation's assumptions and choices – while our recommendations must be feasible and strongly anchored in the organisation.
  • When necessary, we draw on our international network’s experiences and insight into strategies for public organisations and companies.

In close collaboration with our clients, our consultants have created strategic direction and implemented concrete strategies for municipal administrations and institutions, departments and agencies.