• Efficiency improvement

Efficiency improvement

Make the most of your resources. We identify and implement opportunities for efficiency improvement in all areas of the public sector – and always in close collaboration with the customer.

Our team of competent consultants provides professional assistance, identifying and implementing efficiency improvement solutions across the entire public sector. We emphasise that proposals do not just look good on paper, but can also be implemented in real life.

  • We help ensure that requirements for savings and efficiency improvements are translated into concrete, well-calculated proposals which can be presented for political deliberation before being implemented
  • We assist the political and administrative management with identifying consequences, ensuring that citizens, users and employees are not left at the mercy of salami tactics and arbitrary service degradations
  • We base our analysis on proven methods and a deep knowledge of public organisations. Many of our consultants have years of practical experience as specialists, managers and executives in the public sector. Our expertise spans many disciplines, and our solutions always integrate the economic perspectives with the professional
  • We attach great importance to ensuring that every stage of the process takes place through an involving collaboration with the customer, ensuring maximum organisational ownership and learning.