Advisory, Auditing, and Accounting in Greenland

As a certified auditor in Greenland with full access to a worldwide network of expert advisors and industry specialists in Denmark and around the world, BDO in Greenland is an obvious choice as your auditor and advisor.

We are your partner every step of the way; we provide advice, auditing, and accounting services for large and small businesses, as well as public institutions and organizations in Greenland.

For us, good advice involves understanding the customer's and company's situation. Combined with qualified expertise, we believe that understanding is the path to development. We take pride in meeting you where you are and are deeply rooted in the local community with a deep understanding of the daily lives of its businesses and organizations. Insight and understanding of your challenges and opportunities are the basis for tailoring solutions and services that help you realize your full potential. We have the experience, skills, and courage to provide qualified collaboration and advice.

We are ready to assist you with all aspects of your situation. Our dedicated employees can tap into a network of recognized experts in areas such as taxation (national and international), financial advice, IT security, ESG, accounting systems, and much more.

Choosing BDO in Greenland as your auditor and advisor gives you qualified collaboration and advice on all aspects of your business or organization.

Global Auditor with Local Expertise in Greenland 

With us, you get what can be described as a global local auditor.

We offer you the best of both worlds. You get a local auditor who is close to you and your business in your daily life - an auditor who uses insight and understanding to advise your business - and you. BDO in Greenland is centrally located in Nuuk.

At the same time, you get all the advantages of our size and our specialists. We are an integral part of Denmark's strongest advisory and auditing firms with 32 offices around Denmark. Internationally, we have approximately 90,000 employees and experts, and our global network and international vision mean that we always have direct access to expertise on national matters in more than 165 member countries.

In other words, we can offer a blend of local and global insight, expertise, specialized knowledge, and presence, no matter where you are - or wish to be - active.

Audit - Gaining Insights Beyond Financial Statements 

Most people associate auditing with the review of financial statements, but an auditor's work can be used for much more.

For us, auditing is an advisory process where the auditor's work can serve as a starting point for improving daily operations, setting strategic goals, future-proofing business operations, and much more. Our auditors, specialists, and employees focus on how data and information processed during the audit can create added value. For example, is it possible to translate financial and accounting data into workflow efficiencies and streamlining internal processes? We always keep a watchful eye on these types of questions and their potential answers throughout the auditing process. This is an approach we call value-based advisory auditing, and it is strongly integrated into our professional and personal DNA.

At the same time, we provide a neutral and objective review of the financial situation, and our certified auditors, along with a wide range of competent and specialized employees, ensure that you comply with all legal requirements and regulations while providing you with the best possible service and experience.

With us as your auditor, you get a review of the financial situation that provides peace of mind and can lead to improvements in the bottom line.

The Public Sector in Greenland 

In the public sector, we provide auditing, advisory, and oversight services. We audit municipalities and a range of public institutions. As advisors, we handle development and analysis tasks for the Self-Government and municipalities, including tasks related to Public-Private Partnerships (OPP), land development, and port and offshore activities. We provide advice on establishing collaborations between public authorities and private companies, and we manage larger projects that can help the public sector keep pace with societal developments. Our professional oversight services are directed towards both institutions and individual citizens.

Development and Efficiency We are among the leading consulting firms for advisory services to the public sector. We collaborate with a significant number of municipalities, regions, educational institutions, and the state. Our ambition is to make a noticeable impact on the development and efficiency of the public sector, both as a goal in itself and because a well-functioning public sector is essential for our welfare and prosperity.

Strong Methodological Competencies and Professional Insight We combine an understanding of the specific framework conditions, fresh perspectives, strong methodological competencies, and professional insight to create the greatest possible value for our clients.

Need Support? Let Our Business Services & Outsourcing Department Step In

With our extensive experience in Business Services & Outsourcing, you can gain more time and the ability to overcome unforeseen events. Our colleagues in Denmark can step in when there is a need for more time for core tasks or expert assistance during temporary loss of key employees. Our knowledge, dedication, and motivation drive our work, and in collaboration with each client, we create solution-oriented and future-focused results.

We offer full or partial outsourcing of tasks or functions such as accounting and financial management. In other words, you ensure that there is time and focus on what is the core focus of your company or organization. We do what we do best – so you have the energy to do the same.

Payroll, accounting, administration, and temporary management support are just some of the tasks we can assist with. Our colleagues are based in Denmark, so the work is carried out online. In all cases, the collaboration is tailored to your needs and delivered with a focus on:

  • Flexibility 
  • Efficiency and quality
  •  Professional collaboration 
  • Reliability in delivery, thereby reducing vulnerability Customization to your needs.