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26 February 2021

Many Danish export companies have difficulty finding out what reports they must make about their sales of goods to customers in other EU countries.

26 February 2021

The second issue of tax:watch 2021, a newsletter about Danish Tax and VAT.

26 February 2021

It has now been decided that small and medium-sized enterprises can lend an interest free amount corresponding to the VAT that must be reported and settled on March 1, 2021.

26 February 2021

Taxation of only 32.84 % on salary income sounds good, but the application process is unfortunately often associated with long processing times from the Danish Tax Agency.

11 February 2021

When employees drive their own cars for business purposes, they take on costs. Employers can only cover these costs tax-free for the employees by paying fixed-rate mileage allowances and adhering to certain conditions. 

11 February 2021

The World of Private Clients is BDO’s innovative, international research programme designed to provide a forensic understanding of these issues. Our thought leadership insights are focused through four leading themes: Transparency, Relocation, Family & Generational Wealth and Adviser of the...

11 February 2021

The United States is encouraging of free enterprise, competition and capitalism, and represents a worthwhile opportunity for growth for internationally minded organizations. The possibility to reach new customers, leverage U.S. resources, diversify risk and potentially increase profits, makes the...

09 February 2021

As COVID-19-related changes ripple through the Telecommunications industry, challenges and opportunities abound for companies. Initial positives include increased demand for services due to the likes of work-from-home and customers spending more time online. However, there are also areas where...

09 February 2021

The Danish tax rules require that affiliated companies transact with each other on the same terms and conditions that they apply to unrelated parties. This is known as the “arm’s-length principle”. In order to comply with this requirement, it is therefore necessary to have established internal...

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