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30 November 2018

The eleventh issue of tax:watch 2018, a newsletter about Danish Tax and VAT

30 November 2018

In a recent ruling, the Supreme Court concluded that a married couple’s filing of Danish tax returns as non-residents constituted acts of gross negligence

30 November 2018

The Danish tax authorities cannot define non-existent intra group transactions and use the lack of description of such transactions in the TP documentation as grounds for increasing the taxable income

19 November 2018

Fintech M&A and investment deals will grow substantially over the next few years. M&A deals can be used to add value to both incumbents and Fintechs. However, direct investments are not the only way to unlock the potential of Fintech. BDO’s FS Corporate Finance practices assist both Fintech...

07 November 2018

With technology set to grow significantly over the next 5-10 years in the legal sector, the need for action by UK law firms is becoming crucial.

30 October 2018

As cyberattacks on financial institutions have shown no signs of slowing down in 2018, we have chosen to focus our 2018 Q3 Cyber Threats Report on the industry.

26 October 2018

The tenth issue of tax:watch 2018, a newsletter about Danish Tax and VAT

26 October 2018

The minister of taxation has presented a bill seeking to implement EU rules limiting methods of tax evasion and rules for complaints in cases concerning double taxation, where Denmark and one or more EU countries are involved

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