International customs cooperation

BDO is represented in more than 165 countries worldwide. Our international customs colleagues are ready to assist you and our customs specialists in international contexts.

International trade wars raging between the world's major economies, a world trade organisation that may not work properly, and the UK on its way out of the EU. All these factors risk leading to companies without access to local assistance combined with an overall international network at risk of being losers in a game that no one can really control.

Stricter regulatory requirements

Companies importing and exporting goods must be aware of applicable laws that impose requirements on their own competences as well as good internal procedures and processes. 

The risk of customs audits is increasing, while customs processes are becoming more and more digitalised, and the focus is on companies' procedures for self-monitoring. If any goes wrong, there is a risk of customs duties, sanctions and revoked authorisations. All of which may lead to the non-delivery of goods and thereby reduced cash flow, liquidity and profits.

What can we offer you?

BDO has an established network of experts across the EU, USA, Australia and Asia. We can therefore advise you on your import/export problems in many parts of the world.

We are specialized in risk management. We understand that each company is unique, which is why we always deliver a tailor-made and customised service. We know that trading issues are often urgent and require priority attention. We can match your business/trade problems with an experienced and knowledgeable customs consultant, which makes our advisory unique.

We can work together with your advisors – including internal or external advisors, lawyers, brokers, finance and tax staff or consultants. This gives you a problem-free solution to international trade and customs requirements.

We can advise you on Danish, European and global customs requirements via our international network of advisors.

Our range of services includes:

  • Advice on applicable import duties, including customs duties, anti-dumping duties and agricultural levies.
  • Support for excise duties and movement of products subject to excise duties
  • Export advice
  • Export compliance support
  • Support with audits and investigations
  • Complaints
  • AEO Application Process
  • Review of customs implications for your supply chain.