• Software Asset Management

Software Asset Management

Many companies/institutions do not optimise their IT systems and processes with a focus on saving software license costs, just as great financial risk is associated with not having control over the use of software in the company/institution in case of a potential software license control by a software vendor.

We help reduce software licensing costs

Our team helps with the optimisation of IT systems, focusing on saving license costs, just as we work with processes in the company/institution, ensuring that software is managed and utilised optimally from procurement to uninstall. We follow ISO standards like 19770 in our advisory and offer workshops and reviews of current processes to optimise software usage and identify areas where savings can be achieved.

We minimise the financial risk and provide peace of mind

We help create an overview of the use of software in the company/institution and provide security in connection with any potential software license inspections. Our experienced team can determine software usage through audit-like methods, thereby ensuring peace of mind, minimising financial risk and ensuring compliance in case of a software license audit.

We will assist you before, during and after any software license inspections and provide all-round safety throughout the process – while ensuring that software license inspections are carried out efficiently and with a minimum of time spent for the company/institution.

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