Analyses & Reviews

Analyses & Reviews

We help ensure that the political and administrative prioritisation of various public initiatives is made on an informed basis and that the effects of the initiatives are evaluated.

We analyse and map out the implications of new projects and initiatives, before the decision is made to implement them. Our analyses ensure that public decision-makers can make well-informed and reasoned choices when faced with several alternative solutions.

Our consultants have a systematic and methodologically strong approach to the socio-economic analysis methods – including cost-benefit, cost-effectiveness and cost-utility.

We define the purpose of the initiative in close collaboration with the client

We establish alternative paths to the achievement of the purpose of the initiative

We identify, quantify and appraise the advantages and disadvantages of each available alternative

Finally, we conduct our analysis and present it in a clear and easily accessible form.

Following completion of an initiative, or after a given project cycle, we help evaluate the effects of a given project or initiative. We ensure that the evaluation is based on the objectives which were the foundation of the project.

Through our evaluation, we establish whether the assumptions which were the reasons for the initiative hold true. We make sure that significant deviations from these assumptions are identified and explained, reducing the risk that future decisions are based on wrong assumptions.

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