Six steps to doing business in The United States

The United States is encouraging of free enterprise, competition and capitalism, and represents a worthwhile opportunity for growth for internationally minded organizations. The possibility to reach new customers, leverage U.S. resources, diversify risk and potentially increase profits, makes the United States a land of economic opportunity. Despite the benefits, entering the U.S. market can be overwhelming. Due to its size, business culture and workforce nuances, and diversity of jurisdictions, the United States comes with its own distinct challenges.

In response to the uncertainty surrounding how to enter the U.S. market, BDO in the United States created "Doing Business in the United States: A BDO Roadmap". Organisations must have a clear, proactive action plan in place. Our Roadmap outlines six steps—and questions and considerations for each—that should guide that action plan to successfully capitalize on the opportunities within the market.

Read or download the roadmap and be prepared to expand your footprint to the U.S. 




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