Internal audit

Why Internal Audit?

Lack of good governance, risk management, and internal controls can be fatal for any company and can lead to loss of money, customers, reputation, data, and values. Internal audit helps ensuring that the company's governance, risk management, and internal controls are adequate to support that the company's succes. 

The best internal audit does not only provide assurance and recommendations to the board and the audit committee but adds value to the entire company. It assists the company's management in ensuring that the company's future dreams and visions are built on a solid foundation and evaluates the effectiveness and efficiency of the internal controls.

Internal audit covers not only financial processes but spans broadly across all the risks, processes, and activities that are important for the company's success. The best internal audit reports recommendations quickly, allowing companies to proactively minimise risks and achieve the best results.

How can BDO help you with Internal Audit?

We develop and implement tailored internal audit solutions covering both small and large companies. Our services range from comprehensive risk assessments across the entire company to designing internal audit programs and reporting results to management, the board, and other stakeholders. We focus not only on identifying challenges but use our insights to guide the company in making optimal decisions. We collaborate closely with management to implement customised solutions and appropriate control measures.

BDO's Internal Audit Services offer tailored frameworks that consider the specific needs of each company regardless of industry or whether they already have an internal audit department. Our approach is unique and practice-oriented, and we draw on specialists when necessary. Thus, we provide our clients with access to local resources supported by a global network of professional colleagues with a presence in over 1,750 offices in more than 166 countries worldwide. We have access to experts in areas such as technology, AI, and data analytics, supporting our offering of effective and modern audit methodologies. In the regulatory field, we also have experts in areas such as ESG, NIS2, and DORA.

At BDO, we strive to add value, provide quality, and accountable. We prioritise the individual client company and help our clients achieving their dreams.

BDO Internal Audit Services offer:

  • Outsourcing of internal audit.
  • Co-sourcing of internal audit.
  • Establishment of internal audit and second-line functions (e.g., risk management, compliance, and IT security).
  • Advisory services on processes and internal control measures.
  • Data analytics.
  • Continuous auditing.
  • Quality assurance control (i.e., internal quality assurance and external quality assessment).
  • Advisory services on audit committees.

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