• Finance, administration and systems

Finance, administration and systems

We help you to set the direction of your administration and systems, securing safe administration and efficient use of your resources.

In particular, we have specialised in helping public organisations with a number of tasks in fiscal and financial management, quality and risk management as well as crisis management and staff policies:

Among other things, we assist with:

  • Inspecting and/or reviewing your organisation's current fiscal and financial management
  • Plan and design financial and non-financial management models and related information systems
  • Implement fiscal and financial management in your organisation, including possibly running the project management of implementation
  • Inspect and review your organisation's current quality and risk management, and/or compliance in relation to current regulations and standards such as:
  • Establishing policies and objectives for your organisation's quality and risk management
  • Design of quality and risk management, including control systems and ‘early warning’ systems
  • Planning and/or implementation of quality and risk management in your organisation
  • Surveying and/or reviewing your organisation's readiness for crisis management
  • Preventing crisis management
  • Developing, planning and implementing contingency plans, incl. the distribution of responsibilities and roles.