Information for employers concerning Covid-19

16 March 2020

Due to the current situation in Denmark regarding Covid-19, there are some measures that you as an employer can take in case that you are experiencing a decrease in your sales or your employees are falling ill.


Are your employees ill due to Covid-19?

A new possibility of reimbursement from the first day of illness due to Covid-19 or quarantine will be effective from the 27th of February 2020.


Your employees are not able to come to work/work from home due to the closing of schools etc.?

As a rule, the employee is obliged to work, when the employer finds this possible and the employee is not ill.

Therefore, in case your employees are not able to work because they have small children at home, the employee is not entitled to his/her normal salary.

We recommend that the employer and employee make an agreement, either that the employee takes time of in lieu, takes remaining holidays or leave of absence if possible.


Does your employee have any holidays left?

If you experience less activity in your company, in some cases it is possible to notify your employees to take their remaining holidays at once (normally a minimum of 1 months’ notices I applicable).


Have your sales decreased due to Covid-19?

More flexible possibilities to decrease employee’s salary and working hours temporarily as an alternative to terminations.

Further the Danish Government has launched a new possibility to receive salary-compensation from the state. This possibility will be applicable for companies who are about to release more than 30 % of their employees or more than 50 employees.


If you have any questions regarding your position as an employer, please contact our employer services.


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