Sale from Denmark to other EU countries

30 January 2014

Although the deadline for payment of VAT has been extended for a large number of small and medium-sized businesses, they still have to report their sales to customers in other EU countries on a monthly basis. 

Danish businesses with revenue between DKK 1 and 5 m are required as from 2014 to settle VAT on a half-yearly basis instead of quarterly. And businesses with revenue between DKK 5 and 50 m are in future required to settle VAT quarterly instead of monthly.

Within the group of affected businesses there is a large number which sell their goods or services to customer in other EU countries. These businesses have till now reported their sales to the tax authorities on a monthly basis. And they will – irrespective of the changed deadlines for the VAT reporting - have to continue to report monthly. The reporting deadline remains to be at the latest on the 25th day in the following month.

The above article is taken from tax:watch, our electronic English newsletter on Danish Tax and VAT matters. tax:watch is issued on the last Friday of each month and is free of charge.