What CFOs should know & do about cybersecurity

22 October 2018

It is well-known that cyber security breaches can impact a corporation’s employees,
customers, processes, and technology, with IT and finance executives often working
together to get systems back online after a cyber-attack. While many aspects of cyber
security are rooted in technology, there is a growing need for finance professionals in
organizations, especially in middle-market companies, to take ownership of their
cyber security program.

Driving the deepening involvement of the finance function is an understanding that a
business approach can positively impact cyber risk methodology. Finance executives
can add value to an organization’s cyber security strategy, focusing on critical areas
including risk, compliance, reporting, valuation, business continuity, and ERP.

Download the following publication and read about the questions CFOs should ask CIOs & GCs about cyber security. You can also read about the things CIOs should do about cyber security.

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