• Tax, VAT and employee benefits 2018

    A reference book with tax rates,
    thresholds and regulations


Tax, VAT and employee benefits 2018

31 December 2017

When working with finance, payroll, tax or VAT, you probably encounter questions about current tax rates, thresholds and tax, and VAT rules for employee benefits. We can certainly give you the answers to these questions.

In this book you will find the most important information about tax and VAT, and explanations are given of the rules for the most common types of employee benefits. This is information that is good to have at hand in your daily work with a complex subject area.

The rules on the tax and VAT area are extensive, and this handbook is not exhaustive. In other words, it cannot replace individual advice, and we encourage you to contact us in specific individual cases.

BDO is the country’s fourth largest advisory and audit firm. We provide highly specialised knowledge within the following main areas: Advisory, Auditing and Accounting, Financial Statements, Tax and VAT, Public Service and Supervision, and Administrative Services.

Our customers are privately owned small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), municipalities, state, regions and other public institutions.

Our tax and VAT department is operated as an independent advisory unit with highly trained tax and VAT experts.

If you need advice, please contact us on phone +45 89 30 78 00 and read more about us here.

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