• Global Risk Landscape 2021

Global Risk Landscape 2021

15 November 2021

Why did a quarter of senior global business leaders not respond quickly enough to the pandemic? Is having an appetite for risk the defence against a crisis and should you be overhauling how you manage business risk? These are just some of the questions addressed by the 2021 Global Risk Landscape report.

Drawing on the experiences and insights of 500 senior global business leaders, the sixth edition of Global Risk Landscape reveals the characteristics of those who have best adapted during the pandemic. From blame culture and obstacles through responsive decision-making to the adoption of technology and its associated risks, the report looks at all aspects of risk management and mitigation.

The Report and survey cover a range of issues and deliver a huge amount of useful data. We are offering you a variety of ways to get the useful insights and explore the data. Hopefully, there is something here for everyone.

Our Global Risk Podcast series

We interviewed our risk experts to delve further into the data from the report and their region. They discussed many issues such as how the past year effected risk within their region, business outcomes and what future risks businesses can expect.

Episode 1: Findings of this year’s report – ‘The art of the unknown & risk around the globe’

Nigel Burbidge, Partner and Global Chair of Risk & Advisory Services joins ex BBC journalist Jonty Bloom to discuss this year’s report, including the three top lessons he has learnt from the past year and the future global outlook of risk. 

Episodes 2 – 5 – The view from the regions

We interviewed BDO partners from across the globe to discuss how the past year affected businesses within their region and what they need to look out for in the next 12 months.

Episode 2: The view from the Middle East and Africa

South African Partner, Richard Walker joins Jonty to discuss the MEA region. 15 minutes long.

Episode 3: The view from the Americas

Vicky Gregorcyk, Partner from BDO USA, discusses the findings from the Americas. 14 minutes long.

Episode 4: The view from Europe

Emanuel Van Zandvoort from our Netherlands office joins us to discuss the view from Europe and how businesses have handled the last 12 months. 13 minutes long.

Episode 5: The view from APAC

Australian Partner, Marita Corbett discusses risk within the APAC region.

Episode 6: What next? Discussing the future of risk – ‘How will long-term risk management principles change after COVID-19’

Nigel Burbidge finalises the series and discusses how this year’s findings show how conversations about risk need to be discussed at C-suite level. 12 minutes long.

Download the full Global Risk Landscape 2021 report to find out:

  • How did businesses adapt to unparalleled levels of disruption?
  • How will long-term risk management principles change after this year?
  • The dangers of instilling a ‘blame culture’
  • What links technology and risk management together
  • What risks CEOs are thinking will come next and how will they rise to them.

Get the Risk Landscape report for your region

We have prepared four regional risk white papers that explore the differing business risks and attitudes to risk for Europe, Middle East and Africa, Americas and APAC regions.

Download the main report and access our regional risk white papers, all with a simple one-time registration.


Your opportunity to delve into the data

The data behind the Global Risk Landscape report based on the survey of 500 C-suite executive is available for you to explore in a data visualisation. The tool presents key data and allows you to explore the data for yourself.



At BDO, we work side by side with entrepreneurs and industry leaders. During the pandemic, we developed Rethink  to help businesses navigate the new reality. The Rethink hub offers advice and practical guidance to help senior leaders rethink their operations and rebuild resilience.