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04 January 2019

Many Danish businesses hire foreign labour, but Danish tax is rarely withheld from the payment. The reason is that labour in most cases is hired through foreign businesses who often also receive the payment. 

22 December 2018

Singapore The BDO cybersecurity team has reviewed a number of cybersecurity incidents, both local and around the region, and made 12 observations taken from engaging our clients and the cybersecurity industry partners and associations.

20 December 2018

The tax authorities seem to be more successful in winning legal proceedings concerning untimely submission of TP documentation than cases concerning adjustment of intra-group prices. A new ruling confirms the high level of fines.

20 December 2018

The Danish tax authorities no longer provide a notification, if a company has used an invalid VAT number when reporting to the EC sales list. Companies must check for error messages and correct errors

20 December 2018

The twelfth issue of tax:watch 2018, a newsletter about Danish Tax and VAT

30 November 2018

The eleventh issue of tax:watch 2018, a newsletter about Danish Tax and VAT

30 November 2018

In a recent ruling, the Supreme Court concluded that a married couple’s filing of Danish tax returns as non-residents constituted acts of gross negligence

30 November 2018

The Danish tax authorities cannot define non-existent intra group transactions and use the lack of description of such transactions in the TP documentation as grounds for increasing the taxable income

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