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11 February 2021

When employees drive their own cars for business purposes, they take on costs. Employers can only cover these costs tax-free for the employees by paying fixed-rate mileage allowances and adhering to certain conditions. 

11 February 2021

The United States is encouraging of free enterprise, competition and capitalism, and represents a worthwhile opportunity for growth for internationally minded organizations. The possibility to reach new customers, leverage U.S. resources, diversify risk and potentially increase profits, makes the...

09 February 2021

The Danish tax rules require that affiliated companies transact with each other on the same terms and conditions that they apply to unrelated parties. This is known as the “arm’s-length principle”. In order to comply with this requirement, it is therefore necessary to have established internal...

08 December 2020

Funding for growth will be critical for many software companies looking to reach their full potential.  But how do you identify the best investment opportunities? And how do you prepare for deal negotiations, not to mention working with a PE firm – or toward earn-out targets - after the deal is...

27 July 2020

A BDO international survey on the use of blockchain technology in the public sector. We surveyed 250 senior levels, within the public administration sector, the municipal administration and health and social services, which resulted in some very interesting insights.

27 July 2020

Many international organisations are struggling to become compliant with applicable data privacy legislation in all countries where they have activities. This whitepaper supports them in getting clarity.

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