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27 September 2018

In a recent case, the National Tax Tribunal ruled in favour of the taxpayer that subcontracted consultancy services were not international hiring-out of labour. Thereby, the National Tax Board’s decision on the matter was reversed.

21 September 2018

When companies cross the border between Denmark and Germany, other tax rules and procedures apply. It can be challenging to find one's way around the many rules and work out where the differences lie. Therefore, at BDO we closely cooperate across the border with our colleagues at our offices in...

31 August 2018

When Danish companies perform assembly work in Norway, they must register for VAT there. If they deliver the goods they are assembling, often, the delivery is subject to VAT. The rules are enforced rigidly

31 August 2018

A stock abroad can either be established as a call-off stock or as a consignment stock. The latter type generally requires the Danish company to be registered for VAT in the country in which the stock is located

23 July 2018

The European Court of Justice recently ruled in a case concerning whether the Danish rules on joint taxation of companies comply with the EU rules on freedom of establishment.

23 July 2018

The case concerned whether a Danish company of a large multinational group had received payment at arm’s length from a foreign group company for marketing services rendered.

25 May 2018

Non-resident individuals owning real property located in Denmark must wait a bit longer before knowing, how their Danish tax position will be in the future

25 May 2018

The National Tax Tribunal agreed with the Danish tax authorities that, in determining the group settlement prices of a production company, the return requirements for financial investments cannot be taken into consideration.

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