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20 December 2018

The Danish tax authorities no longer provide a notification, if a company has used an invalid VAT number when reporting to the EC sales list. Companies must check for error messages and correct errors

30 November 2018

In a recent ruling, the Supreme Court concluded that a married couple’s filing of Danish tax returns as non-residents constituted acts of gross negligence

30 November 2018

The Danish tax authorities cannot define non-existent intra group transactions and use the lack of description of such transactions in the TP documentation as grounds for increasing the taxable income

26 October 2018

The minister of taxation has presented a bill seeking to implement EU rules limiting methods of tax evasion and rules for complaints in cases concerning double taxation, where Denmark and one or more EU countries are involved

26 October 2018

Earlier this month, the government presented its list of intended legislation for the new session of the Danish parliament

09 October 2018

BDO is proud to announce that our global organisation has once again been awarded the prestigious Network of the Year Award by the International Accounting Bulletin (IAB). The IAB Awards celebrate excellence in the accounting profession. Network of the Year is awarded to a multi-firm organisation...

27 September 2018

Despite being defeated in a high-stake TP case before the National Tax Tribunal and subsequently the High Court, surprisingly, the tax minister has appealed to the Supreme Court.

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