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25 January 2019

The Danish parliament has adopted changes to the Danish tax scheme for inbound expatriates to better help Danish businesses attract highly skilled employees from abroad

23 January 2019

Basically, a foreign parent company has four different models for improving the financial basis of a Danish subsdiariy:1. Guarantee for the subsidiary’s debt2. Loan to the subsidiary3. Capital contribution without issue of shares4. Capital contribution against issue of shares. 

23 January 2019

Denmark levies withholding taxes on the following outbound payments: 

15 January 2019

Subsistence allowances are amounts paid to cover the cost of food, accommodation and minor necessities in connection with business travels. Subsistence allowances can be paid tax-free, provided certain conditions are met. If these conditions are not met, however, a tax is levied on the allowances...

07 January 2019

Denmark offers a special tax regime to highly paid inbound expatriates and researchers recruited from abroad. 

04 January 2019

Many Danish businesses hire foreign labour, but Danish tax is rarely withheld from the payment. The reason is that labour in most cases is hired through foreign businesses who often also receive the payment. 

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