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24 July 2019

As a consequence of defeat in the TP case against Microsoft, the Danish Tax Agency will allow resumption of tax assessments where income was estimated due to no available TP documentation at the tax return filing deadline

23 July 2019

Individual taxpayers, who have failed to report income to the Danish Tax Agency and consequently evaded taxes, can normally expect a reduced penalty if they subsequently declare the income on their own initiative.

10 May 2019

VAT rules for international trade will changes in 2020 and 2021. During seven weeks each week an update! Part 7: the VAT treatment of return shipments.

26 April 2019

From 2017, the requirements for taxation according to the tax scheme for inbound expatriates were relaxed slightly in relation to work performed abroad. A binding ruling sheds light on how this is to be interpreted

26 April 2019

In a recent ruling, the National Tax Tribunal overruled the Danish Tax Agency and allowed an individual taxpayer exemption from Danish tax on salary earned abroad

08 April 2019

The Danish traffic law states that people resident in Denmark may only drive in this country in a car registered in Denmark.

29 March 2019

Guidelines have been issued for resumption of creditor companies’ tax liability on interest income, if a foreign group company’s (debtor) right to deduct the interest expenses has been limited as a result of rules on thin capitalization

29 March 2019

The Court of Justice of the European Union rules in favour of the Danish Ministry of Taxation in several decisive cases concerning the concept of “beneficial owner”

08 March 2019

In general, annual corporation tax returns must be filed no later than six months after the end of the financial year and by 1 August after the end of the financial year at the latest.

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