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29 November 2019

The Danish Tax Agency has issued preliminary tax assessments for 2020. Particularly, if you recently relocated to Denmark, you should check that the preliminary tax assessment reflects your expected income and deductions

29 November 2019

Three sets of rules limit companies when deducting net financing costs. For companies with a financial year following the calendar year, it is time to consider measures to counteract these limitations

22 November 2019

The latest BDO World Wide Tax News Alert summarises the key highlights and invites you to join our webinar to hear the latest from the OECD.

13 November 2019

It is easy to set up a business in Denmark. Low taxes for corporations and expatriates make Denmark an attractive location for foreign companies to set up a business. However, before starting a business in Denmark, there are a number of practical issues to consider, which we’ll outline below. 

13 November 2019

Danish employers must - like employers in other countries - pay social security contributions for their employees. However, compared to most other countries, the Danish contributions are quite modest with average contributions of approximately EUR 2,000 per year per full-time employee. 

25 October 2019

If you are employed by a US-owned company, you have most likely heard of Restricted Stock Units, which are a form of share pay. Unfortunately, RSUs are not always subject to the favorable rules for taxing such schemes

25 October 2019

Earlier this month, the new Danish government presented its list of intended legislation for the new session of the Danish parliament

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