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29 March 2021

Employees who live abroad, but work in Denmark for a Danish employer, are subject to limited tax liability in Denmark. They must therefore submit a Danish tax return as a limited taxpayer each year before the first of July.

29 March 2021

The third issue of tax:watch 2021, a newsletter about Danish Tax and VAT.

29 March 2021

When a foreign company sends employees to Denmark to work for a Danish company, the tax rules on Danish work rental may apply. Therefore, it may be a good idea to adhere to the rules in advance and maybe agree with the Danish company on how to ensure that you live up to the rules without making...

29 March 2021

For the next five years the tax base of company cars will have to be adjusted annually, and in some years even multiple times. This is the consequence of the political agreement about new car taxes.

29 March 2021

The Danish Parliament has just passed a bill which makes it possible for both private and public employers to give tax-free gift cards to their employees.

26 February 2021

Many Danish export companies have difficulty finding out what reports they must make about their sales of goods to customers in other EU countries.

26 February 2021

The second issue of tax:watch 2021, a newsletter about Danish Tax and VAT.

26 February 2021

It has now been decided that small and medium-sized enterprises can lend an interest free amount corresponding to the VAT that must be reported and settled on March 1, 2021.

26 February 2021

Taxation of only 32.84 % on salary income sounds good, but the application process is unfortunately often associated with long processing times from the Danish Tax Agency.

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