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27 May 2021

The fifth issue of tax:watch 2021, a newsletter about Danish Tax and VAT.

27 May 2021

SMEs and large enterprises can now apply for interest free withholding tax loans. The application period is from May 10 to June 7, 2021.

27 May 2021

New rules of reckless driving have been implemented in the Danish Road Traffic Act as of March 31, 2021.

03 May 2021

The fourth issue of tax:watch 2021, a newsletter about Danish Tax and VAT.

03 May 2021

Even though you do not live in Denmark, you can still be tax liable of some specific income sources in Denmark. If you work for a Danish employer, you will be tax liable of a part of your salary income.

03 May 2021

Self-employed consultants and companies that hire consultants must be aware of the risk that the set-up is not considered as self-employment according to Danish regulation and if so companies will be obligated to report and withhold tax of remuneration to consultants, as they then are considered...

03 May 2021

A bill enabling higher tax depreciations on certain depreciable assets has been passed by the Danish Parliament as part of Denmark’s green tax reform plans.

03 May 2021

In accordance with the EU-proposed defensive measures against tax havens, the Danish Parliament has proposed to implement a higher withholding tax rate on dividends from Denmark and to deny deductibility for payments from Denmark.

03 May 2021

The distinction between electricity consumption for heating or cooling and for process purposes has been abolished for most companies. But there are still cases where electricity consumption will have to be distributed, and where metering therefore can be an advantage.

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